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Co- created by Sita Calvert – Ennals and David Lane

Writer – David Lane
Producer – Judy Owen productions ltd
Composer and Sound designer – Duncan Speakman
Associate composer – Jae-Moon Lee
Designer – Lulu Tam
Lighting Designer – Peter Small
Movement director – Dan Canham
Dramaturgs – Ha young Hwang , Sharon Clark
Acting coach – Minjae Kang
Assistant director – Connor Chamberlain

Kwan-suk – Kwong Loke
Seung- Ki – Jungsun Den Hollander

“I still have dreams about flying over the border like a bird. When I land I’m always a little girl. And you’re always there.”

3 days. 6 meetings. Just 12 hours. After 50 years what would you say?

Seung-Ki hasn’t seen her father Kwan-Suk since she was three. Separated by one of the world’s most militarised borders, they come face to face again in this compelling story based on the state-organised temporary reunions of divided Korean families.

With intelligence agencies and the global media looking on, can father and daughter confront their past, and find a connection in the present?

Acclaimed actor Kwong Loke (The Great Wave National Theatre, Pah-La Royal Court) and Jung Sun den Hollander (the Ghost in Killing Eve) feature in this raw, moving and at times absurdly funny new play featuring arresting visuals and sound.

Developed with support from Arts council England, in association with Bristol Old Vic theatre, Bath Spa productions and Korea National University of arts.
This production ran for 2 weeks at Bristol Old vic March 2022. National tour planned for 2023

Guardian Stage **** Absorbingly staged/ Movingly acted

Morning star **** Outstanding performances

The Stage *** Visually sleek