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Writer – Alan Harris
Producer- Nia Wyn Skyrme
Designer- Rebecca Wood
Lighting Designer- Katy Morison
Sound Designer- Tom Elstob
Stage Manager- Rachel Hendry
Cast- Lynn Hunter, Francois Pandolfo, Hannah McPake

Is confession good for the soul?

Invisible Ink has been collecting true stories – from lying to your boss to breaking your mum’s heart and everywhere in between the show explores the darker side of human nature.

We invite you to our public confessional to revel in the funny, awkward and poignant world of people’s deepest secrets.

And if you too feel like unburdening yourself, there will be a “confession booth” in the foyer….

Thanks to all the generous contributors who have shared with us so far. All names have been changed to protect the innocent … and not so innocent
Developed with support from Bristol Old vic Ferment, Chapter arts centre and Arts Council Wales

Bristol 24/7 an evening of riveting theatre.

British Theatre Guide It is sneakily likeable, but bleak at heart.