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Role: Director
Writer: Penny Gunter
Designer / Lighting Designer: Sue Dean
Sound Designer: Sam Halmarack
Produced by Theatre West
Performed Alma Tavern theatre Clifton October 11

Dorian Matthews has counter-phobia. He is pathologically addicted to fear.
He parachutes off buildings and walks along a tightrope-like line illegally suspended between them.The thing is, when something’s pathological you can’t really help it, can you? When something’s pathological it’s not really your fault what happens…

Guide2Bristol thrilling and intense … Calvert – Ennals clearly knows when to relax and let the actor act and when to coax a little more out to keep the pace.”

A Younger theatre “you are unlikely to find as much unfussy intensityper minute anywhere else in Bristol”

Venue “licks at the edges of a fascinating debate”