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Role: Director
Adaptor: Alan Harris
Designer : Carl Davis
Composer/ Musical Director: Sarah Moody
Puppet Director: Chris Pirie
Lighting Designer: Elanor Higgins
Co Produced by Theatr Iolo / Invisible Ink Chapter Arts Centre May 2014

In a co-production with Theatr Iolo, Invisible Ink present an adaptation of Angela Carter’s seminal novel.This sinister, sexual fairy tale of transformations tells the story of Melanie, a young girl who is forced to leave her comfortable rural home to live with relatives she has never met. There’s Aunt Margaret, mute since her wedding day, musical Francie and volatile Finn who kisses Melanie for the first time. Brooding over it all is Uncle Phillip who loves only the puppets he creates in his workshop.

The Magic toyshop was the first production staged by Invisible ink. The two week run in Chapter arts centre sold out for the whole run and it gained considerable critical acclaim.

British theatre guide – “An hour and a half of illicit Gothic sexuality—every bit as dark as promised, and constantly, bleakly intriguing.

Buzz magazine –  “a downright fantastic job of taking a classic novel and making it into an equally fantastic piece of theatre”

Female Theatre magazine – 5*  “a cutting edge production.. truly authentic from start to finish.”