So we are hurtling through June and  Lifesavings  the piece myself Adam Peck ( writer) and  a group of The Theatre Royal Bath Engage programme actors have been developing since January opens on Tuesday (21st) in the Ustinov  theatre Bath .  It’s a  two-part piece about memories. Using the casts own memories to reflect on what it is to remember.

Where would you go if you could live a moment of your life all over again? Would you change things, or leave them as they were? And when do we choose to look back at the things we had, rather than forward at the things we still desire…?Two writers, two directors and two casts, one older, one younger, respond to Allen Ahlberg’s magical tale about an enchanting adventure. Life Savings is part of The Living Project, celebrating diverse experiences and perspectives on ageing and generational change in the 21st Century, supported by TRB’s ENGAGE programme.

The cast have worked with us ( writers and Directors) to devise their own response to the original story. Using their real life memories, hopes, stories and dreams, the performance is a window into the lives of the people onstage – told in their own words.
There is a nice article about it in Venue magazine.  Its been a really interesting, rich process delving into people’s personal memories.

Now  we are all getting excited… the sound is sounding atmospheric, the set is looking beautiful and the actors are preparing …

Come along and let me know what you think…  All feedback very welcome

More soon