Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog as once again busyness has got the better of me. I am at the moment assistant director on National Theatre Wales third show ” The Devil Inside him ” written by a young John Osborne aged 18 and directed by Elen Bowman.

Buried secrets and hidden passions erupt during one life-changing night. Written by the original angry young man of British theatre this long-lost play is a call to arms for all young men out of step with their world. Huw is a butcher’s assistant and budding poet, too full of passion and wild visions for pious society. When the village turn on him one dark night, is the devil in the hunter or the hunted? John Osborne is best known for his trail-blazing work Look Back in Anger. This earlier play was produced twice in the 1950s and buried in the archives of the British Library until it was rediscovered in 2009. National Theatre Wales presents the world premiere of the uncut version of this lost classic of British theatre.

It’s an incredibly brave and gutsy piece of theatre which has in no way dated but added poignancy and weight with time.

It runs from 6th – 15th May at the New Theatre Cardiff. Please come along. I would be very interested to hear what any of you think.

I am also working with Theatr iolo, a Cardiff based young people’s theatre company to develop the beginnings of a play based on Angela carters A magic toy shop. More on that soon..

Happy Springtime. Sita